Post Consumer Brands Sheetmetal Mechanic Battle Creek, MI in Battle Creek, Michigan

Job Qualifications:•Have the ability to perform all duties with a minimum amount of supervision.•Have complete knowledge of production process while performing all duties in compliance with GMP process, plant safety rules, sanitation rules, and working rules.•Have complete knowledge of appropriate application and utilization of personal protective equipment specific to the trade.•Have complete knowledge of appropriate application, utilization and care of equipment and/or tools used in the trade.•Have solid knowledge of, and proficiency in mathematical functions used in the trade.•Use interpersonal skills to interact and work with others across the organization and in cross-functional teams.•Have a strong knowledge of current technology, and desire to expand upon that knowledge as related to mechanical trades.•Willingness to participate in trade related training.•Successful completion of High School education program or equivalent state certification.•Successful Journeyman Sheet Metal Apprenticeship program or 8000 hours documented in the Sheet Metal trade.•Must be able to pass relevant/required written exam and hands-on training exam related to Sheet Metal trade.•Have an understanding of process and packaging, and its appropriate application.•Have an understanding of Computer Systems operating on a windows platform.•Read drawings, blueprints, and schematics.Essential Duties and Responsibilities:The following description of duties and responsibilities are generally inclusive of all duties to be performed by a Sheet Metal Mechanic working under this job description.•Equipment Maintenance - Provide the highest level of support possible to production facilities with an intent of achieving superior equipment effectiveness as related to process and process support equipment.•Design Engineering Support - Provide the highest level of support possible to engineering and design resources.•Repair, adjust and maintain equipment (such as guarding pneumatic transfer devices and diverters) that transfers products.•Set up equipment to accommodate various products, package dimensions, production volumes and fabricate changes as needed.•Assist Pipefitters with airveys.•Initiate start up.•Observe line in operation.•Identify trouble areas.•Advise maintenance management of recurrent problems.•Clean and lubricate Sheet Metal shop components to ensure fluid operation.•Observe Company established sanitary and safety rules at all times.•Support the design of equipment in Sheet Metal Trade.•Discuss scope of work with other trades to identify appropriate roles.•Perform the essential functions of the job.•Work with other trades to develop, maintain, and adapt maintenance plans.•Review approved work orders entered into the CMMS.•Enter work orders for identified repairs.•Create, maintain, and adjust preventative maintenance routines.•Provide training to others within the Sheet Metal classification.•Develop positive and productive relationships with all employees.•Drive continuous improvement in all areas of responsibility.•Participate in Root Cause Analysis (RCA) meetings, as required.•Perform all necessary daily inspections of equipment (i.e., safety, etc.).•Implement and document all necessary audits and planned preventative maintenance.•Assist in planning work for equipment outages.•Repair